"A new girl arrived in my class. She was a repeating student affected by polio, a disease that prevents her from walking properly.

I felt that Jesus put her next to me, so that I could show her my love. I tried to get to know her better and, with my friends, we started to help her in whatever way we could. For her birthday we got her a pen and sang "Happy Birthday" to her. Every morning, we take turns to help her go up the stairs and during gym class, we stay behind with her, joining her in the exercises suited to her needs.

At the beginning she couldn't really copy everything that was on the blackboard or work on activities on her own. But now, with our help, she's writing faster and can study better. The teachers realized that she has improved and her mother can't stop thanking us every time we go to visit. She lives far away, and when I go to visit her, it takes me all afternoon. But I feel it's not a waste of time and in the evening, I feel great joy in my heart. When we went on a field trip, we insisted that she come, too. We were all availalbe to give her a hand throughout the walk. At the end of the day, she was very tired, but happy, too. It was the very first time she'd ever gone on a field trip! And now she no longer says she can't walk. She tries to do everything and very often she manages. Her doctors are amazed at her progress, and can't explain it. But our class knows the secret! It's the fruit of Love."

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